“The Wasteland Scavenger from Mark13. Enjoy :)”
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Thats a really good drawing. Creepy but good.


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effects, this is so creepy. Your shading and highlights give good dimension to his cloths and hat. well done.. Smile Five stars

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CREEPY AND ALSO GREAT BACKGROUND EFFECT! Smile Five stars , Five stars ...

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Awesome...creepy cool!

Awesome...creepy cool! Big smile

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drawing or shall I say HOT? Smile

Have a wonderful day!

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wow wow...ce efecte de lumina si invata multe, acolo cursul de pictura.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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too cool!

This is completely awesome. I love the colors and lighting. The background and dude kicka**! Going to my favs and Five stars

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So cool!

So cool!

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kutedymples wrote:
This is cool, really scary though. Excellent lighting too. Sad(

Don't be afraid of the scavenger, he brings you goodies and useful robot parts from the desert. Well, some of the robot parts have the nasty habit of reassembling and turning out to be murderous military robots on a rampage, but that ain't the scavenger's fault, he's legit Smile