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I'm speechless right now. This drawing is absolutely amazing! You've got a magnificent talent! Smile

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A very

realistic feel to this one,kute...very nicely done! So many beautiful drawings from you since I last logged in...btw, thanks for your message Smile Love

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So beautiful! I really the

So beautiful! I really the make up on the eye and her mouth is great as well!

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This is amazing.. How long did it take to put the sparkles on the mask?

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Oh, that's amazing.

Wow. I'm speechless!

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A very nice composition and a beautiful finish. Well done! : )))

Azad Saleh

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its really better now with the detailing thrown in the eys, lips and skin!!!! Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars

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Thanks LA!

I think you seen the complete unfinished version, I was having problems loading them and when I submitted the finished version the first time I made a copy of it and for some reason it was showing the version that was only about half way done. I am glad you like it better now there is almost 2 hours worth of work into it since you first seen it. I really appreciate your support as always LostArt! Big smile

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Thank you...

I did add some more details to the lips, I was trying to make the focus mainly on the eyes but now that I have had a chance to step back and look for a while I agree that they did need more detail. Thanks for your great comment.

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damn good

a very plastic draw:))).. looks really amazing .cool. to the middle it looks so detailed...hmmmm tasty BUT in comparison too the mask and the eyes your mouth is little in details or clearness... favourite:)

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile