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Beautiful work. Looks so real.


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beautyful artwork! i'm 10 and

beautyful artwork! i'm 10 and i really wish i could do this!

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So beautiful!!

Laughing out loud beautiful painting!! greatwork, kutedymples!!

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wow i wonder how they do

wow i wonder how they do paintings like that im only 9 i cant do that.......

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you have a keen eye for

Five stars you have a keen eye for detail

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Very Nice, very beautiful

Very Nice, very beautiful

Dream Big, Worry Small, and your dreams will come true!! Smile

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Perfectection...i hope i spelled that right.


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Very well done!

Very well done!

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Masquerade, painted faces on parade, masquerade,

Hide your face so the world will never find you.

Masquerade, different colors every shade, masquerade

Turn around there's another mask behind you.

-Phantom of the opera

Great drawing! Love it! Beautiful skin tones too!


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for me, this is

for me, this is unbelieveable! I am drawing a landscape and looks like an 8 years old kid ones.