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thanks a lot! So much attention, I'm not sure... will I get addicted to the drawing program or to the thumbs-up & stars? Smile

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Welcome minca

Nice details for it being so small. very well done. Smile Five stars hope to see more from you soon

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It's good. Smile

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Nice to meet you,great detail

Nice to meet you,great detail for the size,great draw Big smile

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great drawing

Welcome indeed... Big smile


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thank you! the hand was hard, so it was difficult to keep smiling. made this in the smallest size with the smallest pencil.

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this is very good,!

this is very good,! Five stars Wink

consent can be nulified by reason of cohersion or duress!

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Nice to see you. :D

And welcome to Queeky. Laughing out loud