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wow cool

wow cool

It's time to try defying gravity

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this looks like

a vector picture!! i love it, its really cute


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Thank you

Thank you much!

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Awww no problem...

I love looking at everyone's artwork here. Sometimes I don't get enough time to draw because when I am here I am constantly looking at everyone else's work. I always love to watch the playbacks as well, you never know what you will learn by doing that. I also love meeting new people, so I try to always welcome newbies and get to know the artists here. I think commenting and rating encourages new artists here and even oldies like me.

So nice meeting you Amber(Roonie) nice name too! And if there is ever anything you are having a hard time with, run it by me and if I can't help we have a great forum.

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So True..

I've actually known about this site for a long time and I have LOVED watching the playbacks for a long time as well. Just never really had the time to sit down and draw until recently. And you're totally right; rating and commenting really boosts spirits! I about jumped out my seat trying to read the first comment I got on here. LOL

It was very nice meeting you as well, and thanks again for your support!!

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Welcome to Queeky!

I see you like colors, well that's cool! I love them and this drawing is so cute! I really like it and in fact it is going to my favorites, that has only happened one other time by a new artist.

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Thank you! :)

Thanks so much for looking, liking, and rating! Smile I appreciate being in your favs as well!

Your stuff is amazing also. I've looked at a couple and been wowed each time!