Meeting the Elder

“Time for mommy and daddy and Matilda to move to the new home, and they have to meet with the Elder, who runs the area, and admits new members. Im proud of how i made mommy and daddy look so awesome”
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i like your

forest, the reflections in the lake are really pretty! i like your way of painting the dragons life-story. your imagination is absolutely alive!


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Thank you

Thank you :3 believe it or not I have a ton of art in my binder about them when they grow up and how they are and everything, its fun to create stories, it helps when I have writers block on other stories :3

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The Elder

The colors are nice and they are balanced in an interesting composition. 5 Smile

Have a wonderful day!

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I like teh Eletric Dragon best before it gets outlined, it looks cooler :3 Thanks for voting and commenting