by ezd

memories of a man

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Wow... This is just


This is just amazing!!!!! wonderfully done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...actually all ur work is.....keep the good things coming ...thx for sharing.....a question , tho...I'm new to queeky ...what is brush/technique did u use??



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Happy Easter to you ! And

Happy Easter to you ! And much sunshine!

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Oh, an excellent, fine

Oh, an excellent, fine detailed painting, I love it as I love all your pictures!

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Thank you

Thank you all for the comments! I appreciate it!

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Both are amazing

fine drawing of a fine drawing.. lovely details


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What a wonderful drawing, you make it look so easy and you do such beautiful work. I want to reach out and give this poor guy a big ole hug. Fantastic work... Smile Five stars

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Thank u

Thank you Marilens! Yes, it is a picture full of feelings! I would like to know the history of this man!

On this one I tried something I learned from pppman (hope he don't mind) Big smile

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Your welcome :)

May I ask you a question? how do you post the source pic? I use a source for some of my draws and I would like to be able to post it but just don't know how. Would appreciate any help you can offer...Thank you and please keep these beauty's coming. Smile

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great job ,idea , shading , dimanshions

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wooooooooooooooooooow u r

Five stars wooooooooooooooooooow u r great man .. this is a awsome draw dude .. 5 from me.