Memory/ unfinished but would like feedback

“This is my daughters husky wolf cross dog. She bought her a week after her daddy died. She named her Memory in memory of her father. This is not finished but hoping someone might suggest how to give blanket more 3D look.”
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I think that it looks sooooooo beautiful!

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Thank you and Happy Holidays.

I am so thankful to you all, and want to say I am sorry. I have been away as both my daughter and I are dealing with illness. No sympathy though, just happy thoughts allowed, lol. But thank you so very much for all your words of help and encouragement. I hope to get back to fixing Memory and the others after Christmas. I just felt the need to come on today and do a little abstract to take my mind away to the other side for awhile.

Your comments are so welcome and so helpful. Once again, thank you and if I don't see you before Christmas, or the holiday you celebrate, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

I hope to have Memory lying pretty soon!

Forgive the picture, but embrace the creation.

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Dog Blanket

You Could Smudge the Blanket ( Hand Smudge ) That might really help

Nice Dog im sorry to here that your dad died dogs give you 3 more years to live and takes your stress away Smile

the drawing is very beautiful cute dog and dogs are perfect to keep them as a memory of someone Smile bye x


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im sorry

so it was your husband who died? im am so sorry about that. i suppose your daughter wanted some company...its a lovely drawing everything is as 3D as it can get Innocent

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Dog Blanket

There is so much light in the face that there would have to be quite a lot of light on the blanket, too. So everything outside of immediate shadow should have texture that shows the woof (pun) and the warp (no pun). About an inch around the bottom of the jaw and neck should gradually fade from half shadow to dark and the rest light, OK?

Have a wonderful day!

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such beauty

So.... whats to your left?


On my right however, is a plate of warm, freshly baked cookies.
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...great drawing!...


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thanks for feedback

thank you so much... not working on it tonight prob but will soon thanks again

Forgive the picture, but embrace the creation.

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Great Dog

It's not cheating to use a reference because artists draw what they see and you're looking at it while you draw - not tracing it. A scientist needs catalogues of data like the atomic table etc, and formulae - because nobody remembers everything - to my knowledge. Artists need references when you are doing realism or photo realism as long as you aren't lifting other people's work it's great.

Have a wonderful day!

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Dog Blanket

This is one very stunning dog ... (had to whisper so mine didn't hear that!) ... and I like the blanket texture, but I also know when us artists get an idea in our heads ...

In terms of making the blanket more 3d as Susie says some shadow under the dog and then maybe a couple of shadows to indicate a fold of fabric running slightly top to bottom but across the blue area ... that is as clear as mud isn't it? ermmm slightly darker blue or gray uneven stripe from the dark blue diagonally down to the right then use the smudge tool to blend it as you do you will start to see a fold of fabric and then be able to add a lighter blue highlight. To finish it off reinstate the texture running across the blanket but the lines will be staggered over the fold ... if that is still gobbledygook I'll try and make a wee video clip

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