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1 Variation

1 Variation


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I am a huge fan of Mercedes

I am a huge fan of Mercedes but even though there are some great cars the parts are quite hard to find and I am a Volvo fan maybe because of the Discount Volvo Parts that most of the dealers give .

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Wow , So beautiful , I'm self a fan of mercedes and i live in germany , i drawing mercedes here but i never get the mercedes logo so perfect thats you do ! A strong 10 !

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Another wow!!

This logo should put the German car manufacturers to shame!

Perfect 100.

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thanks SUMMER

i draw a lot in other site. today i found this site... very interesting tool.

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this is great,:)thanx for your comment it looks like metal.

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Thanks a lot

Smile)) i think that the multi-draw is a powerful tool for this site not the simple drawing

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You did absolutely wonderful.