Merry christmas

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Merry Christmas

Beautiful Christmas ball, lovely reflection....A very Merry Christmas to you and your family Susie...have a wonderful time. Smile 5 stars

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Merry Christmas to you,

Merry Christmas to you, Susie, Happiness, Health, many happy moments with all your children and granchildren, with your Bingo-friends, Force to draw , to create beautiful pictures for your and our pleasure! A rich and healthy 2010 for you and your family!

I am not so sure if I could bring you colours and canvas, but I will try to do that, lol! If not I beg Santa...

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Verry Pretty

Nice bright red Christmas Ball...This is really beautiful and the tree limb looks so real...Very nice draw. Santa Smile Five stars

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Well this just put me in the

Well this just put me in the christmas spirit XD

If absolutely nessasery I will cook and eat Chaka.

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this is great ..

this is great .. Smile Tongue