Merry Christmas Jo

“As i imagined you on your cruise :)”
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Great Colors

And good reflections.

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Beautiful eyes!

Not bad for a science guy who claims he's not into art! Well done! Five stars


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I like your colours and

I like your colours and light, this picture has something special, it makes me think of the pictures of Hopper, keep going!

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Thank You

Im not much into art,and in fact i googled Hopper on the image search and found the paintings of Edward Hopper. And i now understand what you mean Smile

Yes this picture is special, or at least i would like to believe that it is, as this painting is dedicated to a special person whom i admire and think the world of Smile

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good try..

good try ..keep going.. Smile

psree Smile

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Thank You PSree

Hi Psree, thanks very much, ive just picked up drawing after school so thats a good 15 years Smile, Hopefully with some spare time and encouragement from friends like you i will pursue this as a hobby. Thanks