Michel Serres

“French philosopher”
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(^..^ )~

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Thanks a lot, everyone of you,

for your encouraging comments ! I enjoy and appreciate this forum with lots of fine painters which share my passion for drawing...


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Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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such a great job on this portrait.. super details.. Smile Five stars

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What a great draw!

I really like this, one full of expression ...big 5!

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portrait!!! And thank U for the comment! Smile

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Michel Serres

Thank you alltogether for your comments and votes- I appreciate them very much the more as they come from very good painters...


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Fantastic portrait, realistic

Fantastic portrait, realistic and expressive!

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Incredible B & W draw...

Very nice! I have always thought it was harder to do a good black and white drawing than it is color because you have two colors to get your point across and get a likeness instead of the rainbow of colors. You have done an incredible job!