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1 Variation

1 Variation


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Welcome Starz...This is such a pretty draw. lots of detail and color. don't know why you got a low score but obviously from someone who is jealous of your talent, very beautiful drawing... 5 Five stars Smile Keep them coming please Big smile

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Hi Starzshine!

This is beautiful Starzshine.....I love how you did this. I haven't really tried drawing anything worthwhile here yet....I'm still trying to figure out how to use these tools. They are so different than what I'm used to drawing with. This picture is really gorgeous.....I love it!! Smile

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midnight in the garden

beautiful colours and draw.10!

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midnight in the garden ..10..

really lovely, so colourful and pretty. ..10..

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gallery player

hi kutdymples,

i currently developed the gallery player new. if this pic does not display, please delete your browsercache and refresh the page. the new gallery tool should work without any bugs, and displays all queeky pictures, no matter if it doesnt in the past.

greez, ph

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Really Pretty!

Hello Starz! This is really pretty. For some reason I couldn't get the gallery picture to show up but it let me download it to see it. Glad to see you are drawing here.