Milk burst

“A shower of milk poured gracefullly in a cup. Please critize me! Hahahahah”
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This is awesome, great textures.

Five stars Five stars

I'm not art critic, I'm just an amateur artist.

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From your galery, this one I love the most.

By looking intensly, it;s reveals more things than milk.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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Off...the way i'm writing ....It's obvious that I'm tired... Laughing out loud favs

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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THis is amazing Shock

i love it GOOD JOB Smile

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Very easy acutally


I came, I saw, I conquered~

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what's to criticise?

Nice strong monochrome picture and nice range of styles and techniques to achieve the outcome.

One question - how did you get the milk to stay in mid air while you painted it? LOL

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