“sorry this took so long. Im still getting used to the mouse~ ”
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scary o.o

i love it!!! very nice i love the detail and style =DD 5 stars!

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Cool!! I like it.

Five stars Five stars and faved.

Thanks for your comments Alex. Have a nice day my friend.

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your art is amazing!!! especially with the colors and everything!


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great draw, cool idea, luv the design.. all in all, 10 stars! Five stars Five stars

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Thanks you! But I will strive to do BETTER!

Though i have no idea on the sexy part..................

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its beutiful i love it

its beutiful i love it looksso sexy Laughing out loud

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Cool drawing...

this is a pretty cool drawing. Looks to me like you are getting used to it pretty quick. Heck you are still new and already getting out pictures like this. You should be proud.

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Good job

You've got a very stylish design.