by vig

miss regina spektor

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anthony's picture
great but ugly

great drawing looks real but shes ugly no offense Smile


kutedymples's picture
Very beautiful!

What a lovely draw. I remember your first draw here...Beth Ditto. First time I had heard of her. You have only gotten better with each draw and I loved Beth!

janessa's picture
very beautiful

another lovely draw!

great in black and white.

pui's picture
miss regina

crazy about those pretty eyes..lovely black and white vig

randomperv's picture
heeell yes

hah i was djing at a party the other night and i put in her cd and everyone hated it Sad

anyway awesome pic your black n whites look even more photographic. she's really glowing

spring's picture
miss regina spektor

A stunning draw Vig! very nice detail, very nice work! 10**********

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btw: 10

btw: gr8 pic vig!

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this picture

Great shadows and lights, I like this:)

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did you try to clear your browser cache?

vig's picture
what happen to my draw!!!

i don't know what happen to a thumbnail size. it should be my finished one. actually, my pic is done. but it shows as an unfinished one. i'm puzzled.