Mizz Ladybug

“or "Eye See Ladybugs" LOL ”
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Super cute, I'm totally gonna do this for Halloween!

Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?

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GREAT IMAGINATION AND YOU DRAW IT GREAT! Laughing out loud Five stars , Five stars ..

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You make me a saaaaaad panda.
-Sexual harassment *Music note* Panda!

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yes that is it. I have a bunch more from the same site that I'd like to draw when I have time. I didn't save the location of the site and that is why I didn't post it myself. Thanks for your comment too.

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Cool! Big smile

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verry cute! i want a eye like

verry cute! i want a eye like that lovely!

Once again returned to this site, I keep returning!

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nice eye and red Eye shadow

nice eye and red Eye shadow

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Thank you...

I can't take credit for the idea. I was searching google for makeup ideas and I found the reference photo for this. Also some awesome lipstick ideas I might draw soon. Thanks so much for your comment! Laughing out loud

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Beautiful...great idea

Beautiful...great idea Laughing out loud