Model 01

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rah! rah! Five stars

Have a wonderful day!

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what a

great draw! Five stars

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Monochrome, but and so

Monochrome, but and so impressive! A young woman, sad and disappointed, empty eyes, who knows what has she already seen in her life??? Convincing portrait, pppman!

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She looks familiar to me, maybe because the draw is so lifelike, she looks like she is in deep thought. A perfect character draw pman, you do such beautiful features, her lips, eyes, nose even her ears are all done so well and her hair hangs carefree. You always impress me with your style. Beautiful work... Smile Five stars Five stars

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Nice light drawing!

I think this is a really good draw...nice and light with fine shading.....but i agee with the other have a sadness in quite alot of your draws....nothing wrong with that!....sadness can be exsercised in many ways within a draw as im sure you already know....colour....mood.....and skillfull draw which you already do so well......its that i can`t help but feel sad when i see one of your this a good thing?....anyway 5 stars for you....and i look forwards to your next draw.

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S.O.S. i love it thx

S.O.S. i love it thx

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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model 01

A wonderful portrait...she is indeed very beautiful but I feel she has an emptiness in her eyes, they look cold....a great sadness surrounds her! Great works as always pppman.

5 stars

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your girls are all beautiful and unique, with emotional eyes and nice lips

Wink Five stars

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

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What a beautiful, emotional

What a beautiful, emotional draw. I can feel the sadness in her. Five stars

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Model 01

great character and drawing! I like the monochrome that you used on this one, very interesting! FIVE