“Gizmo from Gremlins. Im reading the first Gremlins book and about halfway through it occured to me that Gizmo would make for an awesome drawing, so here he is.”
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o my gerd

o myy god ts a gremlin. that move is pretty good though. Stare

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I have an obsession for Grimlins and that WOULD be so cool for you to do the evil one. OMG!!!! thanks for drawing this. Big smile Big smile Davie Four stars !!!


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I like the movie...this one is awesome, could you paint the "nasty" one? XD

Life is a drug....

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I might, but I've already been delaying another Gremlins request, so maybe after that one Smile

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hey donnie can u draw a

hey donnie can u draw a picture of mehh

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Wow thats amazing!!!!

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Five stars Five stars lol cute Five stars

HoNk! HoNk! Hi!

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hehehe, I love the gremlins,

hehehe, I love the gremlins, and gizmoo

is a very good drawing! Laughing out loud

the movie is so cool.....

do not put water! XD

well ... I like your drawing, so... 5 stars. now you have 18 votes!

feliz a quien la muerte ciñe las cienes con sangrientos lauros en medio del esplandor de la victoria...

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Wow i totally missed out on

Wow i totally missed out on this one ;o Its epic tho ;D

btw when are u gonna b on multidraw :3

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Thank you!

Hehe, thank you! It was a load of fun drawing, and I did the first half of it in Multidraw ^^ till I ran out of ink Tongue Thanks for the rate Big smile

I will be on Multidraw later tonight, hopefully. But I gotta few things to do before then, but soon, soon, my friend.