monarchs attack scene

“this is a scene from the other story i is writing called Butterflies. this part is at the end of the story where they are almost to the four clan territories. but Monarch ( the orange, black, and white one) is attacked by one of the villans that has been following the cats on their journey named Scrap. he is trying to destroy the stone tied around her neck. without the sun stone, Sunclan cannot survive. the cat in the backround is Patch, the cat that fell in love with Monarch during the quest. there are two other cats that go on the adventure as well, but they r not in here. their names r Flame and Sage. Patch, Flame, and Sage are clan cats and Monarch is a loner that they meet later into the story. the song is if i die young, by the Band Perry. this story is inspired by the auther Erin Hunter who writes Warriors.”
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that is so wow

wow you are getting better and better and better and you are even better than me (way better than me)

I love Warriors!!

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Really Awesome!

Really Awesome!

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