Monster Prom

“ahh these bois are hotties, i mEaN This was a collab with Animegod and berrii. they draw so FRKN GOOD ”
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Animegod's picture
oi oi oi so many good boiiss :00

Yoo this was mad fun! Lovin' the characters in this game. & also lovin' your hooman Demien, mitsuwu!

P.s: dont forget about Queeky's other good bois --> Hat Davie Steve


Mitsuu's picture
ey eyss them fine boiis

hell yee it was funn!!

Doood, Ur Liam made me lov the game even more x3

Oh I would NEVER forget abt the goodest of boys Hat Davie Steve

Feet's picture
oh shid that’s really good!!!

but why do you draw humanoids when I’m not around you tryna say something

Mitsuu's picture
no u !!!1

Uhh.. well....

.. LoOk oVeR tHeRe, A BiRd !