moon and clouds 1

“night sky study for a landscape im planning, ref photo here
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REALISTIC! IT'S JUST AS I SEE MOON WITH CLOUDS! Laughing out loud Five stars , Five stars , Five stars ..

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Have a wonderful day!

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very nice work Hellco! Incredibly beautiful, nice to see you back here. Don't stay away so long next time.

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Yes Ma'am Thing is, my

Yes Ma'am Smile

Thing is, my tablet broke down. In the meantime I went and started studying to become a painter, like in college, and my first exams are comin up soon. School's crazy, crazy fun that is Laughing out loud

Now I got a new tablet (Genius F610) which is 99% like my old Aiptek. Would have gotten the exact same model again but they don't sell em in my country any more. In any case I'm here to stay, Queeky is good for getting some work out and getting a confidence boost every now and then Smile

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Ciudat! mi-e nu imi ia linku-ul..probabil ca lipseste ceva din el, nu ma prind ce anume. Vad ca ti-a ramas inspiratia la studiul cerului pe timp de noapte. am urmarit si playback-ul...observ ca acum ai pus la munca spray-ul.ti-a iesit bine ..smooth,,,o luna ce staluceste in plina ceata. Smile bravo.

P.S :in seara asta nu am mai intrat pe messenger( ocuparea timpului cu altele), dar ducem noi la bun sfarsit idea. Wink somn bun! si daca ai nevoie de ingeri...neah! nu cred Smile)))))

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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Da sa traiti, am rezolvat

Da sa traiti, am rezolvat linku. Erau in el niste minus-uri pe care site-u le-a sters automat Smile

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Awesome, great job man!!


" I want to know,
have you ever seen the rain??? " - Creedence Clearwater Revival

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Thanks Demian, coming from

Thanks Demian, coming from you it means a lot, your work is first class as well Smile

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Glad you like it, I think

Glad you like it, I think I'll have to do some more if I want my Landscape for school to look right Smile