mountains in the evening

“quick landscape”
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smudge effects are great

... also I liked your style. Great draw

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hi, wow

love the colors and the light in this one.

welcome to queeky!


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Great Draw

Great Draw Big smile

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Love it! 5 stars faved! I

Love it! 5 stars faved! I cant wait to see even more! Darn you are good!

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hihihi thanks

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like an

Five stars oil painting

Have a wonderful day!

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Beautiful Work!!

Welcome to Queeky. Five and fave

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Welcome to Queeky!

I have seen you draw on other sites and always have admired your talent. Glad you joined our community here Rogier! Have fun and draw lots. Excellent work too by the way. Beautiful drawing! Love

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thanks ;)

Ive seen your work on queeky, i wish i could have your patience. Hope to find time to draw more here.