Mr. Monster

“He's really a pretty friendly chap, completely misunderstood. He just needs a friend. ”
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haha this is awesome, love the colours Five stars

open your eyes...
i see.
your eyes are open.

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Looks scary..great..

Looks scary..great..

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Be my friend.

XD...This guy is look so pale. He must be in the cave for so long. There must be many things that he wants to do. Great draw. The colors of his skin are superb. And his pose is handsome.

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looking guy and I agree, this is Smeagal isn't it? if not it sure looks like him... great job on all of his features and his skin. Smile Five stars

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Nice monster

Five stars I definitely do not want to be his friend but well-drawn

Have a wonderful day!

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If I saw this guy on the street at night, I would run. But you know how it is. The first impression is the most important. Pretty neat colors! Hope he gets a friend soon.

I came, I saw, I conquered~

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He does seem a bit lonely!

Maybe all he needs is his precious too!! lol I couldn't help it! Very cool draw. He's much cuter than Smeagel Smile

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Ha Ha...

that is the same thing my hubby said when I was drawing it. It did me too though. Thanks, glad you like him. Maybe you can be his first friend? LOL Wink

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Of course. Big smile


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It almost reminds me of gollum/smeagol from The Lord of the Rings.