My Adrian

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junger hübscher man

cool das auch mal wieder was von dir kommt....

ich sehe... du wirst auch immer besser und feiner.. weiter so

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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Handsome young man.

Handsome young man.

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draw! very handsome Smile

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Hay, the little Adrian is

Hay, the little Adrian is grown up, a big boy now, with a very sweet expression, you are a proud mother with such a son!

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this is an adorable little boy and a perfect portrait drawing of him. I bet he is as sweet as his little face is. I love the hair. Wonderful drawing of your Adorable little Adrian. Smile 5 Five stars for your drawing and for Adrian for being so cute.

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very wall done

Happy Eyes-My English not so good-I cant express in words What I think really

I can only say brilliant work Puzzled Wink