My Apple Today

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Excellent work and beautiful

Excellent work and beautiful Julia!! Smile Laughing out loud

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This is really beautiful (:

This is really beautiful (:

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Fantastic! Capacity artistic

Fantastic! Capacity artistic dazzling !

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great one,

only one???I just wanted to have it, looks delicious.... Love Love Love Love Love


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Mmmmm!!! :)

Se ve Muy rica!!!! Smile Innocent


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Deliziosa !

Deliziosa ! Smile Five stars Five stars

"Life imitates art far more than art imitates life " O.Wilde

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It looks dilish. Great detail. I wish I could grab it out of my screen.

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I want a big...

bite! I have been wanting a tasty apple all day and this looks like my favorite kind. Thank you for reading my mind and putting a tasty apple up for me to have a bite. Love Love Love

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Must be tasty

cause you draw it so good...

Great shading and texture, my friend. Beer Star Star Star Star Star

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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So lovely.

So lovely.


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