My Crazy Colored Rose

“Just a crazy bright colored rose....I love bright colors and flowers”
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well done!

so beautiful! looks real! Smile

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Beautiful Work!

I love the colors, and the rose is gorgeous!


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I love it!

Ada Nocturna.

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This is Great

Nice job Big smile


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Crazy alright!

Crazy good! Big smile Beautiful rose, kute! Love

Do everything with LOVE...

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your drawings are really

your drawings are really amazing. I cant even draw this good with hand. Much less a computer. Just wondering thou, do you draw with mouse or drawing pad?

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Beautiful rose, as usual, no

Beautiful rose, as usual, no wonder at you...

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Amazing! Its so beautiful!

Amazing! Its so beautiful!


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I too am a huge fan of roses.

I too am a huge fan of roses. I have a few paintings of them on my bedroom wall.

Just do your best.