My Dragon

“I noticed there were a lot of dragons lately so I thought I would work on the one I did a while back and submit it again. He was lonely back there all by himself.”
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Cool dragon.

Cool dragon.


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Very interesting pose and design of the dragon.

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jeleous much lol 5 stars

jeleous much lol 5 stars

If absolutely nessasery I will cook and eat Chaka.

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Again a fantastic job! Excellent lighting! FIVE

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Green dragon, pink or

Green dragon, pink or brown-yellow mushrooms, all is well done, so ...what does come now?

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...different drawing!...well done!...


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haha i like it ... i love

Five stars haha i like it ... i love dragons. Smile

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i like it! but everybody's doing green dragons.. someone should do one red, or gold, something more original. anyway, Five stars


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ohh what about a purple dragon?

yeah I agree with that. I did this a long time ago and just added to it today, he was already green. But I think you are right about different colors! Great idea!!!