My fave song.

“So your mouth taste like sunshine baby, but your eyes are all cold, burried in my arms. Lyrics: The Rumour Said Fire”
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I like this airy feeling, the

I like this airy feeling, the music of the colours!

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Lighting! The drawing fits the mood of song. You really love the song, totally can tell from this work!

Btw thanks for introduce! Wink

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Yeah you're absolutely right

Yeah you're absolutely right (: I really just try to catch what i feel when i hear the song. The drawing is nothing special without the meaning.

You're very welcome and thanks for the comment P Wink

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Seriously, you should listen

Seriously, you should listen to the song, it's really beautiful (: It's called 'The balcony'.

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this is a drawing with a

this is a drawing with a story 2 it .. Smile this is a great drawing.. Smile

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Take your time... I am all ears...

I wonder what second-hand sunshine tastes like... Big smile


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She seems to bear a deep sorrow... It makes my mind wonder if there is something camelpoo wants to tell us... Love the mysterious eyes. Cool Five stars


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Well i don't want to tell you

Well i don't want to tell you guys anything other than, the drawing represents my fave song wich i actually wrote in the comment box thingy ;D