by Nox

My first Love.Story II

“Auch ich habe Langeweile. Und das ist wirklich schlechte. REALY REALY BAD.”
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1 Variation

1 Variation


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Thank you.

But I think it's realy crazy. Tongue

You get nothing for nothing. Always you've to work for it.

Artes bonae.

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That was the most craative thing ive seen! it was hillarious! but not like funny, like it was sosososososososo kkool how you did that! XD

I am amazing and you kno it! XD Laughing out loud

kutedymples's picture

I almost didn't click to watch it, just thought it was a black canvas. But then I thought...what the heck. Cute!

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whaaa i understood! what a great idea! du bist echt genial Laughing out loud

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ô.ó black... i see a black screen

how in the world.....are you able to draw such a complicated and wonderful picture 0.0


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Haha, das ist doch greaaaat.

Haha, das ist doch greaaaat. Laughing out loud