My Last Swing

“Used inspiration from KuteLittleAngel and Google. ^_^ ”
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I am really sorry that you

I am really sorry that you can't see what some of us are trying to say to you but that's ok.. No one is meaning to point fingers at anyone that is except maybe you at mcastro4. I think we are all protecting are looking out for your friend and we are looking out for our new friends. There is no need to be rude to anyone or to try to hurt anyone. NO ONE intended to do anything wrong here so let it go. Your feelings are just as important as anyone Else's on here but there is a way of handling things without embarrassing someone for doing something you think is wrong. It seems that mcastro has handled the situation very gracefully and I respect her for her maturity in the matter. I also respect Kutedymples and lamthethorn for getting involved and trying to help smooth things over. They offer good advice. Hopefully you can move on and enjoy yourself here on queeky drawing. Smile

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well hen all is well

well hen all is well :3

welcome to queeky. sorry u didnt have such a good welcome.

but ur drawings are really beautiful

and hope to see more from u (:

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Thank You :)

Thank You so much and its ok. I had an interesting welcome but I'm its ok Smile

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I didnt mean to copyright and

I didnt mean to copyright and thanks to all for all the support. I very much appreciate it. This will not cause me stop drawing because drawing is all I live for but I will be more careful to refer to sites, people and drawings if needed. Kutedymples, marilens and IamTheThorn thank you guys and all you said I took in and I guess in this case we shouldn't point fingers or make a scene because we are all just trying to fun at this site and a question that came up to me is, what is copyright? because if I know I think everyone has copyright(if you can even say that) and used as inspiration. There has been many picstures of this and I too have seen this somewhere. I guess we shouldn't make it BIG and just have fun drawing. No harm done ^_^

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no to be mean or anyhign but

no to be mean or anyhign but lulu just think of it like this:

he/she like the picture,(obviuolsy y else would they draw it)

and they used it a "inspiration, which means that K.L.A is a wonderful

artist! (:

and to the person who drew this, u are a grea artist too

and if u simpily used K.L.A picture as a ref, simpily note that in the description.

and next time ask for permission.

THa is unless u wan all this drama

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The point is these pictures ARE copyrighted! It seems like you are pointing fingers at ME! This is not my fault! I am protecting my greatest friend on the face of the Earth! I am not putting this person down! I am trying to help my friend!

DONT! point a finger at me! Consider my feelings please!?!?

Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?

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But the point is.....This artist has commented on how much he/she likes KuteLittleAngel's drawing saying how much they enjoyed them and how they wish they could draw like that! They commented on how much they liked that is almost an exact copy.....We know what this artist was intending.

Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?

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Umh... actually i have never

Umh... actually i have never commented in any of KA yeah. BUt i do think she is a great artist just like any one else.

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My two cents worth..

Smile The point really is that this is not an exact copy (far from it) and instead of being so critical I see where a big Thank you from kuteA for the nice compliments is in order. We all learn from one another and this is a wonderful site full of happy peaceful people who love to draw. Many of us use references sometimes to draw by, so what? why get angry at someone and deliberately try to embarrass them for no harm intended?... for wanting to learn from you, your drawing or someone else's? I don't see much of anything alike between the two drawings other than like Kute said, the concept but I have seen other drawings on here similar to this so who is copying whom? just a question not an accusation. Why does it matter so much to you? why get so upset? All you have managed to do is hurt someone who likes to draw and possibly cause them to not want to draw here anymore, why would you want to do that to anyone? It really saddens me when this sort of thing happens. I wonder where the idea of the name Kute came from for example, I know that Kutedymples has been here for a long time...we point fingers but hide behind out own faults. Take a deep breath, realize that people come here to have fun and to support each other even the both of you so why not just have fun and not worry about what others are doing? I certainly don't want to upset you two and I hope that you can continue to draw here without getting upset every time a drawing might look something like yours. Live and let Live because it might just be you on the chopping block by someone next time...what goes around comes around... Smile Its none of my business really but like Kutedymples I am just being queeky Mom#2... so don't make me ground you two... Wink Life is too full of hurt and anger and for no real reasons. Tis the season by the way... Big smile

Mcastro4, I am sorry if you were offended by all of this, please don't let it stop you from drawing here and having fun...I think your drawing is cute so please keep drawing and enjoy what queeky has to offer. Big hug to ALL of you.

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paid in full :)

wow, Marilens your comment gives me an impression of queeky being a much closer knit community than what id imagined. It gives me a sense of belonging and want to draw here ...more.. so a big THANK YOU to you too Smile