by ant

my little pet.. i wish. :)

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1 quick question...

How do you do that? It looks like you are stretching the pencil... how do you do that?

Thx.. Other than that I LIKE IT SO COOL!!! Big smile Three stars Four stars Five stars

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thank you . glad u like it .

thank you . glad u like it . Smile

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I love

Dragons! Smile And this one is very, vewry cool! Smile *****

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thank u 4 all your comments

thank u 4 all your comments .. i love this 1.. Smile

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comin 4 u..

comin 4 u.. Smile

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thank u glad u like ..

thank u glad u like .. :)plenty more 2 come.. Smile

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wonderful Dragon!!

Five stars Five stars and going to my favorites

Have a nice day my friend !

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thank you very much

thank you very much Smile

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my little pet....

Very impressive dragon, great colours and detail..just don't think I would want one as a pet! Smile Five stars