My Pink Nightmare O.o

“entry for a contest on dA. mini me (c) other chara belongs to a friend”
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Looking very cute and so

Looking very cute and so pretty in pink! a sweet and lovely draw, goodluck in the comp. 5 stars

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thank you very much! ^^ I hope I win too xD ha ha, but then again it's all about the art C:

I made it in pink 'cause pink = not my fave color/one of the colors I dislike (except for dark & neon pink >w<)

glad you liked it and thanks for the vote! Laughing out loud

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Good work

Wow, great pink picture!

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thanks~! I appreciate it ^^ the bg was hard to do 'cause I couldn't really think of anything XDDDD ^^"

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they are so cute

they are so cute

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thanks C:

thank you! ^^ the one with black hair/pink highlights is mine (she originally has straight hair + golden yellow highlights) and the other one belongs to a friend .w. hehehe~

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Great entry

This is so cute and such a pretty draw. I love these characters and their clothes are awesome. I hope you win the get my vote Wink Smile Five stars

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thank you very much! I appreciate it :DDDDDDD

thanks~! I made the clothes myself xD and like I said in the description one of them is mine and the othe rone is my friend's.

thank youuuu~! ^^ Laughing out loud I'm glad you like it!