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8 Variations

8 Variations


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draw Shock


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mystic princess

Wow! amazing draw Darkcla! 10

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omg! this is the most amazing picture i have seen so far x

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A real princess! I see, youve used fill tool, very skillful! Good draw!10!

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Thank you

Thank you so much, I will work on this today. I hope I can color her as beautifully as you have drawn her.

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WOW!! Amazing picture!

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The Colorbooks section...

Also if you want to put this into the New Colorbooks section if you choose Colorbooks when you save, it should go into there so everyone will know it is available to color. Thanks again!

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This is wonderful!

Oh I love it and as soon as I get some free minutes I plan to add lots of color to this. Thank you darkcla!

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thx to you

its very cool..

nice face, looks real.


:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile