by KO

Naruto Color Variate → variate

“Giselle, made this Naruto Lineart, and asked it to be coloured, so I did. Just wanted to mess around a bit, No tracing, no references, And I hope you like it Giselle. :D I know its not very good, I wasn't really trying, Maybe I'll finish it later..”
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Yours is awesome! put me to shame why don't you?! Hehe, it's very accurate, good work! Five stars Laughing out loud

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lol thanks donnie, my little grasshopper ;P no really, though, yours is awesome.


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very cool KO!!

Love I love seeing what others will do with it! You did a really great job on coloring this. I really like the pacman on his shirt Wink Five stars

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Thank you

Great, I'm glad you like it Smile

Lol, I love pacman ;P

Thank you Giselle, I hope you do more ;P