Naruto In STYLE

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how do you do that thing with

how do you do that thing with the green and the layers everytime i do that i mess up horribly

What is this sorcery!?

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Awsome :D

Is your real hair alike this? Anyways nice variation. ( I like the new queeky feature of seeing that it is a variate tho.)

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Eh, sorta, less shiny and less bright blond, but more or less, it does resemble my hair. I was going to make him bald, but it seemed like too much effort, so I picked the next best thing Tongue Thanks for commenting ^^

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Very Cool Donnie!

I really like the fish net glove Wink The tattoo, black eyeliner and lipstick just tie everything in just nicely! Pink headband with red coat...he dares to be different alright!! The gold hoop earing is a nice final touch too Wink

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Thank you!

Thanks Giselle! I really hope you make more of these, that or this one becomes a hit ^-^ thanks for the nice comment!

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XD loloooooo

Too Much Eye Liner and er.......a pink head band thats sooo g*y loloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice tho I like this

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Thank you!

It's supposed to be weird, he's pimping Big smile Thanks for the comment and rate ^^