“I love Natalie Portman's face...(Halfway through kids look over my shoulder and say, "Mum, YOU'RE CRAZY! How are you going to do the snakeskin?"...I look at it and reply, "I have no idea..." and then cross myself...fellow artists, why do we do this to ourselves?...because we can...and it's easier with a ref...^_^)”
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Thanks, marky!

Where've you been...miss your drawings... Smile

Do everything with LOVE...

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I felt its poster .

I felt its poster . hilarious

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Thanks, excess!

I'll take that as a compliment...Big smile

Do everything with LOVE...

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This draw was drawn by the use of PRECISION TOOLS!

OMG... I can relate to your children this is crazy!!!!!

Maybe you used a ref, but only a few can make a ref look like this!

The Texture is SOOOOOOOOOO DETAILED... It makes everything look so real...

There are almost no people that can produce such results from such a minimal set of tools... people use software that costs them a lot of money, with a lot of tools thus making the job a lot easier and for better results... what YOU did here is using a minimal (Comparing with software dedicated for drawings) and you made a masterpiece...

The most famous artists in history only used the simplest of tools yet they made the masterpieces we see at the art museums today... you definitely have what they had... that RARE RARE trait to use SIMPLE to make something so ADVANCED.

5\5 + Favorited, amazing display of talent, intellect and an amazing sense for art!

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Imagine a

face with eyes wide open...eyebrows raised...mouth open...and eyes moving frantically from side to side while reading your comment...that's my expression right now...I'm stunned...and awesomely grateful for your praises, FreezeHeat! Thank you very, very much! Love Love Love (Oh man! I don't know how I'm gonna top this... Tired )

Do everything with LOVE...

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Don't worry about it, you are

Don't worry about it, you are doing well, and once you will get that inspiration and motivation again you will top this... so all you have to do is be yourself.... just like you've drawn this masterpiece. and MOST important:

draw for yourself, enjoy drawing! I'm just lucky enough that I can see your drawings, I'm sure others will agree happily!

you do not need to top anything for anyone... just for yourself.

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SO RIGHT, FreezeHeat!! I enjoyed every second of "Natalie" because I was drawing for myself...Are you really 19 years old?...You sound like you're 90...kidding!...thanks again for the words of've got me pumped up! Crazy Big smile Love

Do everything with LOVE...

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Love SERIOUS: you made the most PERFECT drawing i EVER SEEN! my god, i'm still shocked! CONGRATULATIONS, GIRL! u should won a prime, or something, cuz is really really really amazing! BEST DRAWING !!! it seems like a photo! *___*

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Thanks, julick!

I'm still a bit puzzled with all this attention...I'm thinking if I CAN DO IT anybody else can...if they try hard enough... Smile by the way...welcome to Queeky! Thanks, again! Love

Do everything with LOVE...

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WOW! Be captured by an india

WOW! Be captured by an india like this... has always been my dream!! Stunning work! Congratulations Five stars Party