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1 Variation

1 Variation


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Pretty dark rose

The colors are cool......*10*

Susan Damaris Rivera/LilyTree

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Navy rose

wow, a really lovely rose &

draw . Smile

not to think im weird or

anything, but i know you

probably meant "navy" by the

colour of the rose; but i kinda

thought that it was navy as

in like in the army .. and a

rose for your loved one that

sort of withered up over time,

lol, i have a unique mind Wink

haha, great draw wytzer !

nightdragon's picture
navy rose

man, that's so pretty;

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navy rose

I love the way how you use the black colors!!

well done

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navy rose

love the use of dark colours for this draw, very effective. 10

oresta's picture
navy rose

good job!10

i love the folwers!

summer's picture
navy rose

lovely,i like the colour.Smile

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Nice colour! Nice draw!

Thanks for your comments on my profile!