Nice kitty

“Nice kitty”
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full realism! Five stars

keep it going!! Smile

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amazing beast.. really clear

amazing beast.. really clear pic..

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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Nice and dangerous! A

Nice and dangerous! A beautiful draw! It seems you like very much the animals!

Why so rare on this site? A very Happy New Year for you! And many, many drawings!

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I.. didn't know it was possible to make art on here that realistic. That's really cool!

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this is absalutly xalent i

Five stars Five stars Five stars Crown this is absalutly xalent i love this its like a photograph Smile Big smile Big smile Big smile

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Nice kitty

Hi Belinda good to see you and your art again...Smile This really is absolutely Amazing, what fantastic works...Beautiful cat and the mouth is superb. Smile Five stars

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We sure did miss you...

and your amazing artwork! This is incredibly real looking. It should be in the photorealism category. Exceptionally well done!

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Nice kitty

BELINDA!!!!! We missed you, Smile I was looking for you and wondering if I have just missed seeing you here or if you haven't been here for awhile. This is a gorgeous Cat and that mouth is amazing, looks like a photo. Wonderful draw... Smile Big 5 Five stars