Nightmare Foxy teaset

“Yay fnaf 4 is coming”
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Thanks :)

You are not hurting my feelings with the critique. I actually love critiquing, it helps people get better with their art! Thanks Smile! (Not sarcastic!)

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Thank you so much! Sorry if I

Thank you so much!

Sorry if I went a little too harsh on you and the drawing. This was my first time doing a critique TBH...

I have a tendency to be umm... outspoken at times <.<

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An Honest Critique

Note: This critique is intended to help, not hurt. Also, for those who don't want to read through the whole thing, skip to the bottom -_-

Hmmm... So for the review, I'd like to start off by saying that I understand that this drawing is over a year old. However, after seeing your gallery I've noticed that you haven't really improved since drawing this, so some of what I critique here can apply to your newer art.

For starters, the coloring of Foxy's fur is very messy. The brushstrokes are blurry and it's hard to make them out since his fur lacks any real valuing. Also, it appears that the only attempt at defining his fur was towards the outer part of his figure, while the middle shows no attempt at showing this. It just ends up looking very unfinished and somewhat rushed.

As for the exposed part of his endoskeleton, it's decent. The metal is probably the best part of this drawing. Since there's supposed to be a red glow surrounding Foxy the metal should be reflecting that.

As for the glowing light itself, it appears to be the most rushed and careless part of this entire piece (besides that "4" in the top left corner). I suppose it's supposed to be coming from Foxy, but in some areas it just misses his fur, leaving a black gap between the two (especially in his mouth).

The only things I have to say about the eye and the area around it is that the pupil is curved in a very odd way, but that may be because of the shape of the eye. The airbrush tool you used around it is very distracting and messy. The general anatomy is also poor. Foxy's ear looks more like it's on the top of his head while it should be on the side.

**TL;DR** For one of the most top-rated drawings on this site, this art needs work.

As for the artist, I think they have the potential to improve. Just keep practicing!

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+zoedog1111 I sort of copied

+zoedog1111 I sort of copied you're Nightmare Foxy....

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Can I do better

I am terrible at doing Nightmare Foxy, if anyone wants to see mine, come to my page. I am sure I will get all 0 votes

~Fox Forever <3

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the metal espesally looks

the metal espesally looks real!

sorry cant spell :I

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i know how dose the metal

i know how dose the metal look so realistic <3

Jazmine Elise Adams

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*Jumps out window*

SOOO realistic

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So creepy but cool. Love it!!!!! <3

}Take care of yourself,Someone Really cares about you.{

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Thank you guys You all have

Thank you guys Smile You all have great art to!