No Wonder He Dunked... He Used Gas...

“Thats the secret everyone... just kidding used to laugh about it with when I played basketball”
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very funny..


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Thats funny!

Thats using your afterburners

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Thanks, it's a kid's joke but

Thanks, it's a kid's joke but it really made me laugh especially when one of my friends farted while doing a lay up, and he scored... one of my friend said "It's obvious he scored... he used gas" I couldn't help it and I just laughed so hard :DDDD

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Nice to see you working with COLOR !!!

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You just

made me first laugh this morning, freezeheat!...I'm still grinning actually...good one! Big smile Big smile Big smile

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Ha ha ha!!!

Five stars

Pd: I think I suck at football, in basketball, in tennis, in swimming, etc, etc ... Cool

Pd 2: I play paintball Crazy

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I thinks Paintball is MUCH

I thinks Paintball is MUCH MUCH more awesome than football, basketball, tennis and swimming all together... It's awesome and it gives you some sense about field tactics and not just rush to your death or get "PAINTED" by someone... you know Demian I think I may found your secret... you paint people so well, might be because you play paintball?!