“This is the one I couldnot upload . Glad It work today. It's the orginal concept of "sad".”
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you are full of

new ideas !

always !

YOooO again pPpMaN Stare

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

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Five big stars for this so

Five big stars for this so cute and sad little human being! Marilyn has right, your portraits are so expressive, so "talking".

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looks like a cute somebody to me, he is sooooo cute, dang pman you draw the most awesome faces and such great eyes. This one is adorable and so sad. Is he stuck in one of those sit on bouncy balls that kids play with? not sure but that is what it reminds me of Smile Such a great draw. FAVS and I need to go back and FAV several others of yours that I love. Hope there isn't a limit on how many can go in there ha ha. Smile Five stars

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Well, then I will give this

Well, then I will give this "creature" FIVE STARS just for the beautiful eyes! Five stars Big smile


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It seems he might had led a hard life to the point of thinking he is no one? :< rather sad and I see the resemblance absobloodylootley amazing but that's nothing new Big smile

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