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“Thanks for all the comments. I'm fine, you know life always appear different surprise and pain, when bad comes to me. I just like to keep on drawing till I'm balance again. But really thanks for your comments! with blessing to all my friends here”
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pp are you ok?

pp are you ok? ok pp?

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Great job!

Another great work! FIVE

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:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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No title

Another fantastic draw from you pppman....powerful and strong the warrior returns from battle. Great work......Whatever the mood my friend keep on drawing! Smile 5 stars

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I love this draw....almost two tone....with your drawings im always left wondering whats on there minds...brilliant!

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Your energy moves through your work and then it moves through me. Powerful, strong, pure of thought and heart. I am different because of it. Thank you. Hang in there.

The peace that passes understanding.
Eve Michelini