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Interesting symbols of the

Interesting symbols of the beauty of the life and nature: A feminine silhouette , untouchable, a river floating like the life itself, the dream to fly, an egg with a surprise in it, wonderful picture!

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Now this really is interesting! love the colours...Your wonderful art has great meanings, always making us think! Smile Is this person in hibernation about to awaken to the beauty of nature...the river flowing, the beautiful bird and a golden egg! or is this a womb and represents the rebirth of nature...certainly got me on this one pppman! Smile Please tell. Five stars

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Puzzled You already got most of it, spring. Actually, I draw it for seeking some new idea. Start from the awaken, looked out... What I wanted to see, a evening orange maybe... then the story goes on...

Smetimes I like to draw like this, pretending there is a story out there. Then my mind walk through it... quite nice to experience if you like that kind of feeling!

Btw Thank for all the comments again N again. Smile

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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lol marilens

blue and young river, green and happy scene.

bird and a purple one! shows a good feeling.

but the guy is not in that scene, so maybe he is just thinking about these feelings, and he wants to experience them.

I give up, lol.

you need to tell us pppman.

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

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This is very nice and pretty pastel colors but I am a little lost with this one, Spring where are you??? lol.

I'm not sure what this one is about but it's a lovely graffiti draw. I love the bird. Nice draw pppman as usual... Smile Five stars