Nope color

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Really cool pic., it has so much personality to it. I absolutley love this picture.

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He's a cute little guy..he

He's a cute little guy..he looks a little guilty about something he's done...I wonder whats he looking at! Maybe Santa just flew over and he feels left out! Smile 5 stars

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Witty and funny, a good draw!

Witty and funny, a good draw!

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Good done

Cool creation!

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Oh yes

I am glad you finished this draw with color, that is so you and your style. This is really cute, he looks like he just got caught doing something wrong. Smile

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Tis a cute one!

If I didn't have so many unfinished pictures in the works I would indeed color this myself. I may get around to it after all is done though.

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this is a cute draw, someone will have fun coloring it in. that's a cute character, definitely different from what you usually draw but I like seeing different styles. nice one. Smile Five stars