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“not ready”
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Yeah , i like the car wery much too. The best Frontlights ive done so far but it's never going to be " clear " because it was only a test of a new technik i wanted to try Smile

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this is really good! i assumed you did work at a mercedesbenz company Smile im sure you will be able to, or at least advertise for it, great picture btw

♥Never look down on anybody unless your helping them up♥

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Thank youu !!! its my dream Laughing out loud I hope i will be able to

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Look so real. Are you working at Mercedesbenz company?


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i wish !!!

Oh , you maked my heart miss a beat when you said if im working at mercedes ! I realyyyy wish i would , that is my only goal in life , that is what i want to be.. but i dont think im going to be it , but no one knows , maybe i will some day ?