not so soft

“robot beaar”
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Great Bear!

This is ingenious! You have quite the imagination and talent. And admin thanks for the tips...up until yesterday I couldn't get the fill tool to work for me, I love it now that I know how to use it.

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another very simple option to add a background color is using the fill tool. select it from the tools menu, choose your fill color or gradient color and click into the background.

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think you bears are great!

theres a more efficient option to draw a background: go to the beginning of the timeline in the drawing tool when editing a pic. then draw a filled rectangle over the canvas and klick play !

if you do it like this, all following lines will be layers over the background.

With the Queeky drawing tools you can go to any frame in the timeline and start drawing.

greez, admin

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not so soft *******10*******

this is great! he's looking very stitched up! Smile