Nu ma uita, undeva

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Have you reported this?

I didn't yet because I am unsure of what exactly happened. Maybe if we start a thread we can explain it there? All I know is that what I made and what was published are not the same anymore. They don't seem to like getting bug complaints if you can't tell what you were doing or how they could reproduce it. Did you use the fx? I did and I usually don't. Maybe the bug lies in the fx filter.

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Mine had many times

a shock waves problems, and got cancelled, I couldn't save them, happened at least 4 times last week..but not the problems you described, it seems that more adjustments are needed.

Love This one, is beautiful, great lines and color, no matter what problems occurred..


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Another drawing with problems. While drawing all became blurred, losing sharpness, especially the light colors. After this effect, i tried to remake white lines and the light's effect, but the problem reppeared. I haven't watch the playback to see if this problem is obvious....anyway...another one.Sad

I watched the playback...the second layer, at the middle, the colors are changing gradually.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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Mine too!

My last one did the same thing. I was very disappointed because it was all crisp and shiny in some areas before I published and now it is blurry and blah!

I still really like your drawing but it sucks that you don't have it the way you intended it!

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Ohh..I'm sorry Giselle. the

Ohh..I'm sorry Giselle. the same happened to you.I thought that I had problems with adobe flash player..but i reinstalled , but no good. Than i changed the laptop, but the same problems..Me too, I'm dissapointed..I wondering, what's the point on keep on drawing?

Crazy Little Thing Called Love