“i dunno whats wrong with the thumbnail”
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like ^^

this is really awesome ^^


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thats so GOOD !

Is that supost to Be Meiko...Ether way Its Absulutely amazing !

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you have amazing drawings!

you have amazing drawings!

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A touch of sadness in her face, such a pretty draw...The colors are great and her face is very sweet. Very nice work... Smile Five stars

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Very nice draw, a lovely

Very nice draw, a lovely girl! The colours are super!

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Great job on this, it looks

Great job on this, it looks super, like the red. 5 stars

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finally, you had finished it! Nice drawing, I like the red Crazy

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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it almost looks like you did this with soft pastels. I like the deep reds and dark colors you used too. Nice

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haha opps forgot the nose

haha opps forgot the nose