O3 ignore thumnail ;A;

“ok i finished (: but the thumbnail never seems to show he finished drawing... Whats wrong with u QUEEKY!jk no seriously...”
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I love ur art work it's like super hard to draw on line and u do perfectly fine with it!

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It's a great drawing!I love it! Love Five stars

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Nice finish...

I seen this before it was done and I liked the start. I was going to comment then but glad I waited to see it finished. I really love this drawing. Very pretty picture. And if you clear your temporary internet files after you finish a drawing it will also update the thumb. I have to do that every time I work on a picture here.

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yes, most times it is enough to click on the "refresh" button in your browser window Smile

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Never mind

about the refreshing speed. It won't spoil your great finishing. Good tones and it is clever to make a simple background with a fading effect. 54U N look forward again to see your next evolution! Crazy

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Great job on this...fabulous

Great job on this...fabulous draw. 5 stars

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very nice...I love her lips you did a great job and I totally know what you mean with the allergy symptoms...makes it difficult to see to draw but you did great... Smile Five stars

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i like ur drawings ^ _ ^

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xP thank you (:

xP thank you (: